Return to School

As school gets closer districts are releasing plans and there is a lot to keep up with. We hope this will help to have things in one place. We will continue to update this post.


8/4 Aspen Schools Back off August Reopening

8/4 Back to the Drawing Board

8/1 AEA Statement about Return to Work Plan

7/27 Coronavirus Fears are Real for Teachers

7/30 Hybrid Reopening being Planned 

Eagle County 

7/22 Start Date Pushed Back and Models Released 

7/29 Decision to be made in August

8/5 Protective Equipment for Staff

8/5 Exemptions for Face Coverings

8/10 Hybrid Start for Eagle


7/23 Reopening Plan Presented 

7/30 School Board Votes on Reopening Plan 

Roaring Fork

7/24 Beginning Year Online 

7/29 How decisions will be made to move to in-person learning

8/8 ChildCare for Teachers

Summit County

7/29 Teachers awaiting plan for reopening 

7/30 Hybrid Plan for Reopening

8/4 Outbreak Protocol

Steamboat, Hayden and South Routt

8/2 In-Person Learning Plan

8/4 100% Online Option Available

Grand County

7/16 First Version of Reopening Plans

Lake County

8/5 Start of School Info

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